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VS.T59B-V1.1 Universal TV Card-Board

VS.T59B-V1.1 is a Simple LCD_LED TV card board. This TV card supports up to 26-inch LCD panels. This TV card supports full high definition (HD) resolution 1920X1080. VS.T59B-V1.1 USB port supports Software Upgrades and Multimedia Playback. This TV card has all the new features as required. This TV card has a special feature of dual AV. VS.T59B-V1.1 all resolution software-firmware bin files are given below for download and the help of technicians.

General Basic Specifications:
Model No of This TV card: VS.T59B-V1.1
Single channel or Dual channel LVDS Panel Interface
Key Button Functions: (CH-_CH+_MENU_VOL-_VOL+_Souce_Power)
Multi-Language OSD
Remote Control board
Input Voltage for this TV card: (DC +12v)
Voltage for Panel : DC+3.3V, DC+5V, DC+12V (With jumping cap setting)

Input/Output Ports in This:
VGA: (Video Graphics Array)
HDMI: (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)
AV: (Audio, Video)
USB: (Universal Serial Bus)
RF TV: (Radio Frequency)
Earphone Out

USB Port file format:
(You can also Upgrade software/Firmware  with the same USB port)

How to Upgrade Firmware:
1. format the USB Drive in FAT32
2. Copy the Required software/Firmware into a USB Drive.
3. Connect the U disk to the Motherboard USB port.
3. Power ON the Motherboard and Wait until the IR indicator LED stops Blinking.
. When it stops. Your LCD LED TV software firmware is Upgraded. Unplug the USB Drive. (It will take 30 to 1 min to upgrade firmware)

Service MMenu Code:
Menu 1147 

Disclaimer Note: 
The following software firmware bin files of VS.T59B-V1.1 are backup or dumped files. ZainabTech Team is not responsible for any type of loss-damage result during or after installing and uploading the software firmware. If you are new to this work. and do not have enough knowledge of repairing LCD LED TVs. So don't install firmware/software. And if you do this work make sure that you know complete information about repairing LCD LED TVs.

VS.T59B-V1.1 Software Firmware All resolutions Free Download:

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