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CV59L-G is a simple Universal LCD-LED ATV Card-Motherboard. CV59L-G board is suitable for all types of LCD LED Tv panels.CV59L-G is a Non-Combo Tv card-Board. If you install this Tv card board you must have a power supply module and an LED Backlight Driver module. This Tv card is a simple ATV Card. CV59L-G has all the latest features as per today's requirements like USB interface, PC input, HDMI input, Component Input, RF TV, and Scart. CV59L-G software firmware bin files are given below for technical support.

General Specifications:
 Mark-Brand: Universal Tv card-Board 
Model No: CV59L-G
Main Chip Set: TSUMV59XE / TSUMV59XU - Z1 
Product Type: LED-LCD TV Card
Backlight in this: No
Flash IC: 4Mb
Panel supported: 15 inches to 24 inch
Resolution Supported: 1920 X 1080 
Voltage for Panel: DC+5V, DC+12V 
Main Power Input: DC+12V

Service Menu Code: 
Source-Input + 2580

At our service center, we do LCD LED TV Repair, Computer Repair, Computer Power Supply Repair, and Laptop Repair. Our team has divided the work, some technicians repair LCD TV, some technicians repair computers, some technicians repairs laptop, and when our technicians find any new fault in anything. They repair it and record a video of it. And we share this video on our social media platforms for you. So if you want to learn electronics repairing work, visit our YouTube channel @ZainabTech and Facebook page ZainabTech92

We upload new software of LCD LED TVs on daily basis if you can't find any software then comment we will try our best to provide you as soon as possible.

Disclaimer Note: 
The following given software-firmware bin files of CV59L-G are backup files. Our Team (ZainabTech) is not responsible for any type of Loss result or damage result during or after installation/uploading of SW/FW. If you are a new technician don't upload SW/FW. And if you do this work make sure that you know complete information about repairing LCD LED TVs. Thanks...


1: CV59L-G     (1366 X 768-DNS)                  (DOWNLOAD)

2: CV59L-G     (1366 X 768-ERISSON)        (DOWNLOAD)

3: CV59L-G     (1366 X 768-HYUNDAI)       (DOWNLOAD)

4: CV59L-G     (1366 X 768-IRBIS)               (DOWNLOAD)

5: CV59L-G     (All SOFTWARE)                  (DOWNLOAD)

6: CV59L-G     (1920 X 1080-AKAI)              (DOWNLOAD)

7: CV59L-G     (1920 X 1080-ERISSON)       (DOWNLOAD)

8: CV59L-G     (1920 X 1080-HYUNDAI)     (DOWNLOAD)

9: CV59L-G     (1920 X 1080-SHINCO)        (DOWNLOAD)

10: CV59L-G   (1920 X 1080-TELEFUNKEN)    (DOWNLOAD)

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