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CV59SH - D32 is a simple and easy-to-install ATV Drive Board designed for LCD / LED TVs. This Board is suitable for all types of LCD LED Tv panels. This is a Combo Tv card-Board. It has an LED Backlight Inverter module, and the main power supply-Circuit is builtin into a single PCB motherboard. This is a simple Tv card Not Andriod and Blue tooth feature in this. But This Tv card has all the connectivity interface and features as per the latest requirements like PC input, HDMI input, Component Pc Input, USB interface, RF TV, and Headphone jack. CV59SH - D32 software-firmware bin files are given for the technician's support. 

Welcome to our site Today we shear with you the  CV59SH-D32 software-Firmware. Here we share all types of firmware software files free of cost for every visitor of Zainabtech. You can download Tv card datasheets, pc laptop bios program bin files, panel datasheets, and much more. Just click the DOWNLOAD Button.

General Basic Specifications : 
Brand-Mark: Universal HD 3-in-1 Board 
Model No: CV59SH - D32 
Main Chip set: TSUMV59XUS - Z1 
Product Type: LED TV LED 
Backlight Volt: 50-60V 300mA 
Flash IC in this: 4Mb 
Screen Panel supported: 28-39 inch 
Resolution supported: Up to 1920 × 1080 
voltage for Panel: DC+12V 
Power Input voltage: Ac 220V

Service Menu Code : 

For video tutorials on repairing visit our youtube channel Zainabtech and Facebook page ZainabTech92.

Disclaimer Note : 
The following given software-firmware bin files are USB upgradeable and Backup Dump Files. Team ZainabTech is not responsible for any type of loss result or damage result during or after the installation or uploading of SW/FW. If you are a new Technician and don't have enough knowledge of Repairing or loading-installing firmware/software. Then you must watch this video click here. 

First, you check your panel resolution and then download your required resolution file. you get a folder with the protection of Winrar. Then extract the file and copy this file into the USB drive. Then install. you can also load this file with a prommer.


1 : CV59SH-D32    (1366 X 768)MITASHI-DUMP        (DOWNLOAD)

2 : CV59SH-D32    (1366 X 768)JVC-DUMP                  (DOWNLOAD)

3 : CV59SH-D32    (1366 X 768)FUSION-DUMP          (DOWNLOAD)

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