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LAD.MV56U.C36 is an analog LCD-LED TV Combo /CardBoard with an Ac Power Supply and Back LED Light Driver Module with ATV Card. LAD.MV56U.C36 is Simple designed Tv card. Its USB socket can be used for uploading software/firmware and playing multimedia files. Like MP3, MP4, and JPEG. LAD.MV56U.C36 support led backlight TFT Panels from up to 24 ".LAD.MV-56U.C36 supports maximum resolution up to 1920x1080.

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LAD.MV56U.C36 Tv card Specifications:

♦Brand/Mark: China Universal HD Combo Three-in-One Tv card-Board
♦Model: LAD.MV56U.C36
♦Main Chipset: TSUMV56RUU and TSUMV56RUE, TSUMV56RUU-Z1
♦Product Type: LED TV Card
♦LED Backlight Current: 300mA*2
♦Flash IC: 4Mb
♦Panel Supported: up to 24 inches
♦Voltage for the panel: Dc+5v
♦Screen supported: 32-42 inch
♦Resolution: Up to 1920×1080
♦Ac Power Supply: Ac100 to 240v
♦LAD.MV56U.C36 Service Code: 

Service Menu Code:

Type of This Tv Card/Board in the Market:


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Disclaimer Note:
The following given software firmware of LAD.MV-56U.C36 is USB upgradeable and backup dumped files. Team ZainabTech is not responsible for any type of damage or loss result during or after the installation of SW/FW. So if you do this make sure that you know complete information about repairing LCD LED TVs. Thanks...


1: LAD.MV56U.C36    (1366 X 768)(Samsung-Dump)             (DOWNLOAD)

2: LAD.MV56U.C36    (1366 X 768)(Sony-Dump)                    (DOWNLOAD)

3: LAD.MV56U.C36    (1920 X 1080)(Sony-Dump)                  (DOWNLOAD)

4: LAD.MV56U.C36    (1920 X 1080)(Symphony-Dump)        (DOWNLOAD)

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