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T.R67.03.V3 is a China Universal Tv card. You can install this Tv card in any Resolution any type of Tv panel like 15 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches, 21 inches, and above Resolution like 32 inches and more. This is a simple Tv card. T.R67.03.V3 software firmware bin files are available in the link below for technical support.


♦Model NO of this Tv card: T.R67.03.V3
♦Aspect Tv Ratio: 16:10, 16:9, 4:3
♦Tv System: SECAM, NTSC, PAL
♦This card has Multi Languages OSD
♦Single or Dual Channel LVDS panel interface
♦HDMI, VGA, USB, RF Tv, Headphone out, PC Audio in, are input-output ports in this Tv card
♦Voltage for the panel in this tv card: Dc +3.3v, Dc+5v, Dc+12v( You can adjust panel voltage with a jumper cap)
♦This card controls with a remote control
♦Power voltage for the card: DC+12v
♦Current consumed by USB: 500ma


USB file formate

Audio: m4a,aac, WMA, mp3
Picture: BMP, png, jpeg, jpg
TEXT: text
you can upgrade software firmware with the same USB port

How can you upgrade SW/FW..??

♦Formate the USB drive in Fat32
♦Copi the required resolution bin file in USB drive
♦Connect USB drive into the card USB port
♦Connect Key button IR connector 
♦Power on the supply of motherboard
♦IR LED light starts blinking
♦Wait and watch LED light stops blinking
♦When the LED light stop, It's done
♦your LED firmware is upgraded

Multi-Resolution code:
♦ FOR 1920 X 1080 (INPUT/SOURCE 03661)
♦ FOR 1366 X 768 (INPUT/SOURCE 03662)
♦ FOR 1280 X 1024 (INPUT/SOURCE 03663)
♦ FOR 1440 X 900 (INPUT/SOURCE 03664)
♦ FOR 1600 X 900 (INPUT/SOURCE 03665)
♦ FOR 1680 X 1050 (INPUT/SOURCE 03666)
♦ FOR 1024 X 768 (INPUT/SOURCE 03667)

Factory setting Code:
(Input208)(Menu+1147) is a firmware software site where you can download Computer bios program bin files, Satalite Dish receiver bin files, LED tv LCD Tv firmware bin files, LCD LED Tv cards datasheets, Tv panel PDF files. And here you can learn more knowledge about repairing of LCD LED TVs. For our Youtube Channel click here and Facebook page click here

If you install/upgrade software firmware in your LED LCD Tv ZainabTech Team is not Responsible for any type of damage result any type of loss result of your LCD LED Tv. So if you install software firmware in your LCD LED Tv make sure you know complete information about repairing LCD LED TVs.


1 : T.R67.03.V3            (800 X 600)                        (DOWNLOAD)

2 : T.R67.03.V3            (1024 X 600)                      (DOONLOAD)

3 : T.R67.03.V3            (1024 X 768)                      (DOWNLOAD)

4 : T.R67.03.V3            (1280 X 720)                      (DOONLOAD)

5 : T.R67.03.V3            (1280 X 768)                      (DOWNLOAD)

6 : T.R67.03.V3            (1280 X 800)                      (DOONLOAD)

7 : T.R67.03.V3            (1280 X 960)                      (DOWNLOAD)

8 : T.R67.03.V3            (1280 X 1024)                    (DOONLOAD)

9 : T.R67.03.V3            (1366 X 768)                      (DOWNLOAD)

10: T.R67.03.V3           (1400 X 1050)                    (DOONLOAD)

11: T.R67.03.V3           (1440 X 900)                      (DOWNLOAD)

12: T.R67.03.V3           (1600 X 900)                      (DOONLOAD)

13: T.R67.03.V3           (1600 X 1200)                    (DOWNLOAD)

14: T.R67.03.V3           (1680 X 1050)                    (DOONLOAD)

15: T.R67.03.V3           (1920 X 1080)                    (DOWNLOAD)

16: T.R67.03.V3           (1920 X 1200)                    (DOONLOAD)

17: T.R67.03.V3            (MULTI)                             (DOWNLOAD)

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