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Here on Zainab Computer, you can download all LCD LED Tv cards software/Firmware, all tv board datasheets, panel pdf files, satellite dish receiver bin files, desktop pc bios program, Tower pc bios program, Laptop bios program

Here we tell you some basic specifications of the T.R83.819 TV board.

►T.R83.819 is a combo universal tv card.
►This TV card has a power supply and back LED light driver module. 
►This TV card supported full HD Resolution 1920X1080.
►The panel supported by this TV card is 32 inches to 42 inches.
►The TV system of this TV card is (NTSC, SECAM, PAL).
►Multi-languages OSD: (Hindi/English/Chinese/Myanmar/German/Spanish/Khmer/Simplified/French ).
►Single or dual-channel LVDS.

►Ports in this board are.
(USB/VGA/HDMI/RF/Earphone out).
►Key button functions in this board are.
(CH-CH+, MENU, VOL- VOL+, Source, Power).
►Panel voltage in this card.
DC +5v, DC +12v.
►You can upgrade software/firmware with USB port and also play Multimedia like video audio TEXT and picture.
►The working voltage of this TV board is Ac 100 to 220v.
►you can run this Tv board to External DC 12v.
►The service menu of this TV card is ( Menu+1147).

we have a team for repairing electronics appliances like LCD LED TV, computer, laptop, receiver, Computer power supply and more. when we repair LED/LCD TV.  We properly repair it and copy its running SW/FW and save it on our laptop for our next repairing project. and we upload this file/software/SW/FW on Zainab Computer for you. where you can download this Sw/Fw free of cost.

we will try to provide you all tv board SW/FW on Zainab Computer. and you see almost all tv cards Sw/Fw on here. But if any SW/FW is not here you can comment to us and tell us for your specific SW, FW. we will try to upload your required software, the firmware within 24hours.

For TP.V56.PC821 SOFTWARE/FIRMWARE click here

when we trace a new type of fault in LCD LED TV, Computer, Laptop, the pc power supply we record it. and we share its repairing video tutorial on our social media platforms. If you are interested to learn electronics like LCD LED TV repairing so SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel click here and follow us on our Facebook page click here.

The following SW/FW are copied from running working LED TV by a programmer. Zainab computer is not responsible for any damage/loss result to your LCD LED tv during the installation/uploading of SW/FW. So if you have to upgrade FW/SW. you know complete information about LCD-led tv.


1 : T.R83.819             (1366 X 768)XINFEI              (DOWNLOAD)

2 : T.R83.819             (1366 X 768)Sony                 (DOWNLOAD)

3 : T.R83.819             (1366 X 768)                         (DOWNLOAD)

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