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Well, we know that you are looking for software/firmware. you are in the right place for all LCD LED TV software/firmware. Here on Zainab Computer, you can download all LCD LED TV Software/firmware, all tv boards datasheets, panel pdf files, satellite dish receiver bin files free of cost. and you can get more knowledge about electronics. 

In today's post, we provide you TP.V56.PC821 software/firmware is free of cost. you can download your required software/firmware on click on the link below. Here we tell you some basic/General information about this card. 


TP.V56.PC821 is a Combo tv board and you can install this tv card on any panel. in this card, a power supply and back LED light driver module. you can install this tv board in 42 inches to 55-inch panel.

in this card 40 pins LVDS Connector. 
in this card 4 MB memory storage. 
the panel supported 42 inches to 55 inches. 
Screen panel voltage dc 12v. 
The Resolution supported 1920*1080. 
SW/FW type: USB upgradeable. 
USB file formate. Video, Audio, Picture, Text. 

ports in this card are Dual Audio video. 
Dual USB. 
Dual VGA. 
VGA with pc audio in. 
Headphone out. 

Connectors in this card are. 
Ac 220v connector. 
40 pins LVDS connector. 
Key button IR connector. 
left right speakers connector. 
Back LED Lights connector. 

How we can upgrades software..?? 
you can install software/firmware with a USB Disk. 
First of all formate USB disk in fat32. 
Copi the required resolution bin file in USB disk. connect key buttons IR connector. 
plag in USB disk in card USB port. 
Power on the Tv Card. 
stop and waiting for IR LED light to start blinking. when the LED light stops blinking. 
software is upgraded. 
Then power off the tv card and plug out the USB disk. Service Menu is Menu+1147 

Friends, we Repair Electronics Appliances like LCD LED TV, Laptop, Computer, Pc power supply. Our team members work together. We copy this SW / FW from running LCD LED TV.and to save it and also upload this SW/FW on Zainab Computer for you. where you can download this SW/FW free of cost. 

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The following SW/FW is USB upgradeable. Zainab computer is not responsible for any damage/loss result to your LCD LED tv during the installation/uploading of SW/FW. So if you have to upgrade FW/SW. you know complete information about LCD-led tv.


1 : TP.V56.PC821         (1920 X 1080)                                     (DOWNLOAD)

2 : TP.V56.PC821         (VU 49D6575)                                     (DOWNLOAD)

3 : TP.V56.PC821         (ATA 55DM)                                        (DOWNLOAD)

4 : TP.V56.PC821         (Changhong ruba) LED50E3500      (DOWNLOAD)

5 : TP.V56.PC821         (Changhong) LED553808M              (DOWNLOAD)

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