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T.V56.03 Software/Firmware Free Download

On this site, you can Download LCD LED Tv Software/Firmware

Bord Modal No:
Aspect Ratio:
(4:3 16:9 16:10)
(1920 X 1200)
(Multi-language OSD)
(Single or dual channel lvds)

Panel voltage:
(DC +3.3v +5v +12v)
Tv System:
Key Button:
(CH- CH+ MENU VOL- VOL+ Source power)
input-output ports:
(Dc 12v port, VGA, HDMI, Audio-video Earphone out,
(you can upgrade Software/Firmware with USB port)
Audio power:
(2 X 3 watt)


USb File Formaet:
Video formate:
Audio formate:
Input voltage:
(Dc +12v)
Current conseued by USB:
Remote Controllar bord

Upgrade Software/firmware:
First copy the required bin file in USB Drive.
then plugin USB in the card port.
Then power on.
And wait even the led light stop blinking.
(it takes 30 to 40 sec)
Then power off and plug out the USB Drive.

For RD.8501.031A Software/Firmware ClickHere


Zainab computer is not responsible for any damage/Lose result to your 
LCD LED tv during the installation/uploading of software/firmware. 
So if you have to upgrade SW/FW. you know complete information about LCD LED tv.

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1 : T.V56.03 General          1024 X 768               (DOWNLOAD)

2 : T.V56.03 General          1280 X 800               (DOONLOAD)

3 : T.V56.03 General          1280 X 1024             (DOWNLOAD)

4 : T.V56.03 General          1366 X 768               (DOONLOAD)

5 : T.V56.03 Samsung        1366 X 768               (DOWNLOAD)

6 : T.V56.03 Sony               1366 X 768               (DOONLOAD)

7 : T.V56.03 General          1440 X 900               (DOWNLOAD)

8 : T.V56.03 General          1600 X 900               (DOONLOAD)

9 : T.V56.03 General          1680 X 1050             (DOWNLOAD)

10:T.V56.03 General          1920 X 1080             (DOONLOAD)

11:T.V56.03 LG                  1920 X 1080             (DOWNLOAD)

12:T.V56.03 Samsung       1920 X 1080             (DOONLOAD)

13:T.V56.03 Sony              1920 X 1080             (DOWNLOAD)

14:T.V56.03 General         1920 X 1200             (DOONLOAD)

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