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LCD LED TV Cards datasheets/Specification PDF files Download

From the datasheet, any technician can 

easily find out about this Board. As this 

card pots. The voltage of this card. And 
all the input and output configurations of this 
card can be seen through the PDF.

How much voltage to give to the Board.
And how much voltage the card is outputting.
from the datasheet, we can see all the configurations
 about the Board. and it makes it easy to install the 
card to any panel for technicians.

you can download all cards datasheets Panel pdf files 
doc,s files from Zainab Computer Easly. if you require 
any specific file you can comment to us  we try to provide 
your specific file within 24 hours. By looking at the datasheet 
of any Universal TV Board, any technician can easily 
insert this universal Board in the resolution of any panel. 
The datasheet provides us with information about the 
Board such as its parts and its ports. 

Zainab computer is not responsible for any damage/Lose result to your LCD LED tv during the installation/uploading of software/firmware.

All Universal Tv Card,s Software/firmwere Download

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1 : T.RT2025.1B SPECIFICATIONS                (DOWNLOAD)

2 : T.VST29.03 SPECIFICATIONS                  (DOWNLOAD)


4 : TP.MS608.P83 SPECIFICATIONS             (DOWNLOAD)

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